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Would you like to take a professional photo with your favourite star? It's possible with us!

You can buy your photo shoot tickets in our ticket shop and print them out at home. Keep a close eye on the photo box schedule at the convention and then be at or in the box in the designated timeslot. You'll be standing in front of the screen with your favourite star and can strike your pose. The photo is immediately printed out in large format. Have fun! :)

It was amazing with you!

You want to be part of Proud Nerd goes Rocky Horror as a walking act? This way:

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From fans for fans

We answer your questions:

Why are your tickets so costly?

We are a small family business that organises events from fans for fans. Our aim is to make our events feel like holiday parks centred around the respective fandom, so that you can immerse yourself in the world of your favourite shows/films for a while and forget your everyday life. 
We want to offer you close contact with star guests in a special atmosphere - but that's exactly what makes it riskier for us, because we can sell fewer tickets. 

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