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What, who, where? Here, you will find your answers:


Lageplan Kloster

Stage Programme:

Photo-Ops 2

Where can I park my car?


There is a big parking directly at the monestary.

Can I bring my dog?


Yes, your dog is allowed on the grounds on a leash (but not in the buildings).

Am I allowed to bring gifts for the star guests?


Yes, of course you can. But please bear in mind that David will be very busy. You will probably only be able to go to his table with an autograph ticket. But you can also give the crew the gift for him. We will make sure that nothing gets lost.

I only have a photo-op ticket - is that enough?


No, you definitely need an admission ticket to get onto the site at all. 

Is the complete stage programme included in the admission price?



Do you have rules for Cosplays? 

Yes, we look at weapons that look "real" or props that can cause injury. As a general rule, anything made of hard material or that is too big must be removed, at least in confined spaces (Meet&Greet, cloister, Photo-Ops staircase). The crew will be happy to leave this at the front of the entrance tower in the meantime. 

Meet and Greet
Meet & Greet 2
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