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20. & 21. Juli 2024
Niederburg Manderscheid

Was, wie und wo? Hier findest Du Antworten:

Lageplan folgt, hier schonmal eine kleine Übersicht:


Stage Programme:

This much can be revealed: it will be colourful, musical, interesting and unique!


Where can i park my car?


There is only a small car park at the bottom of the castle, which is reserved for people with disabilities and our team. 
However, the town of Manderscheid will set up a large car park for us (map to follow). From there you can walk to the castle or take our shuttle. Tickets can be purchased in advance.

Can I bring my dog?


Yes, your dog is very welcome on the grounds (wearing a leash though only). 

Can I also see the star guests with the normal admission/market ticket?


Yes, you only need to purchase additional tickets for photos with or autographs from the star guests.  The actors and actresses are part of the market, sitting at their autograph tables or enjoying the market themselves. We do not shield anyone. 

I only have a photo ticket - is that enough?


No, you definitely need an admission ticket to get onto the site at all. 

Is the stage programme included in the entrance fee?



Do you check the cosplays and props? 

Yes, we are looking at weapons that look "real" or props that can cause injury. The rules follow. 

Is it a convention or a market? 

A mixture of both with fantasy elements and more. This event is an absolute novelty. The question is: will you be a part of it?! ;)

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