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Proud Nerd - Angels, Demons & Doctors

Here, you can download the full programme as a pdf-file:

The 1st interime programme will be online soon.


This is what you will be offered: 


Included in the entrance fee:


  • Experience star guests live

  • Panels (you can ask questions yourself)

  • concert

  • A.Z. Fell`s Bookshop (book reviews etc.)

  • Doctor Who & Good Omens photo points

  • Walking acts

  • Exceptional location & atmosphere


Extras (purchased separately):


  • Autographs

  • selfies

  • Photo-Ops

  • Voice messages

  • Themed drinks & snacks, including Angel`s Cake

Schpog 2.jpg
Autumn Hex 2.jpg
The Time Lads.jpg
Knightworx Angels.jpg
Trixi Ank.jpg

And much more :)

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