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Proud Nerd - Angels, Demons & Doctors

Just click on the photos to get to the ticket shop:

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Duo & Group Shots:

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Is there something you've always wanted to ask David Tennant? What is his favourite book? How did the yellow contact lenses feel? What actually happened to his hair (but only ask in capital letters of course ;) )? Then you have the chance of a lifetime on 5 May, because David will be meeting some of you in very special meet & greets and in a very special setting. You and about 20 other visitors will meet him in our pop-up bookshop "A.Z. Fell and Co". There you can talk to him for at least 20 minutes in a cosy atmosphere (English - German can be translated). Afterwards, we will take a group photo of you all (and we will also take photos of you from time to time during the Meet & Greet) - you will receive the digital file(s) in the week after the event.
We are very happy that we can offer you this opportunity! Thank you, David! 🥹

The 1st interime programme will be online soon.


This is what you will be offered: 


Included in the entrance fee:


  • Experience star guests live

  • Panels (you can ask questions yourself)

  • concert

  • A.Z. Fell`s Bookshop (book reviews etc.)

  • Doctor Who & Good Omens photo points

  • Walking acts

  • Exceptional location & atmosphere


Extras (purchased separately):


  • Autographs

  • selfies

  • Photo-Ops

  • Voice messages

  • Themed drinks & snacks, including Angel`s Cake

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