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What is the best way to get to Goch?


Airports (organized by distance):


-> Airport Weeze (22 km)

-> Düsseldorf Airport (81 km)

-> Cologne/Bonn Airport (139 km)


Train connections:

regular journeys from Düsseldorf main station to Goch - then you can take our shuttle

Just click on the photo to get to the ticket shop:

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Proud Nerd Shuttlebus - Sunday May 5th 2024

Important: Shuttle does not depart from or go to Düsseldorf!


To the Venue Kloster Graefenthal

(Düsseldorf main station                   08:08     09:08     10:08)

Departure shuttle at Goch station           09:21     10:21     11:21

Arrival at the Venue                           09:36     10:36     11:36


*Bus will wait until the train has arrived (also if train is delayed)



From the venue to Goch station

Shuttle Departure at venue               18:15     19:15     20:15

Goch Bhf                                              18:38     19:38     20:38

(Düsseldorf Hbf                                  19:53     20:53     21:53)

Hotels and vacation houses nearby:

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