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Proud Nerd - Welcome to Starcourt Cinema Volume 2!

This is not a comic con, but a very special meet & greet between fans & star guests - surrounded by pure 80s atmosphere :)

Watch Stranger Things at the cinema - with friends, other fans and the cast! 

Included in the price:
🩷 Your seat for the screening and panel
🩷 Screening (in the OT)
🩷 Panel
🩷 Photo-Point(s)
🩷 Pure 80s & Hawkins feeling thanks to our walking acts and decoration
🩷 Experience stars up close, say hello and enjoy the screening together

Also available: 
💜 Autographs
💜 Selfies 
💜 Photo ops
💜 Voice messages 
💜 Merch
💜 Drinks & snacks


Residenz 6.jpg
Residenz 3.jpg
Residenz 2.jpg
Residenz 5.jpg

The coolest Stranger Things Meet & Greet / Signing Event ever goes into the second round :D


The event is divided into 2 time slots; this is about the first performance.

Time Slot: 11 am - 3 pm


During these 4 hours you can take selfies or professional photos with star guests from the Stranger Things series (selfies and autographs are not included in the admission/cinema price!), have autographs signed and experience a Starcourt Cinema atmosphere. And now the highlight: you will also watch a whole episode of Stranger Things together with the star guests!


Note: there are also some loveseats - these are seats that are not separated by an armrest. Perfect for couples and besties. But you can also book one of these seats if you come alone - don't worry, you won't be sitting on each other's laps ;)


By booking your admission ticket, you automatically choose your seat.

Included in the admission: 4-hour stay at the luxury cinema Residenz in Cologne, a cinema screening (one episode of Stranger Things) together with the star guests, panel.

Also available separately are autographs, photo ops, selfies and voice messages from/with the star guests, merch, snacks and drinks

Additional time slot: 4 to 8 pm


Which episodes will be shown? Let us surprise you :)
(Episodes will be shown in OT!)


*The star guests can of course leave the room from time to time - this is no reason for a ticket refund.


Info: Our prices are EXCLUSIVE VAT - so we could reduce the final prices for you, because tax AND fee are lower. Please bear this in mind when booking. 



Terms & conditions:

On the day of the event, visitors are subject to the official regulations, rules and, if applicable, corona measures in force at the time of the event. A change to the aforementioned measures is not a reason for cancellation.

All tickets cannot be exchanged if the event takes place. Section 312 G paragraph 2 no. 9 BGB applies.

Announced star guests have the option of cancelling their appearance at any time; this is annoying, but unavoidable in the business. Should this occur, autograph and photo tickets will of course be refunded. However, this does not apply to admission tickets of any kind.


***Please bring a printed copy of your ticket with you, as scanning on a mobile phone often does not work well. Thank you ***

(The number of visitors is limited so that we can offer you a personal setting and do not have to shield a star guest. However, this results in a higher admission price).

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